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We know people have had a hard time wearing face masks. Its been a struggle adjusting to breathing through layers of cloth and unfortunately it looks like they'll be around for a little longer. So we designed a face covering specifically for those warmer temperatures that won't leave you with a damp mask or panting for breath.

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The Bar of Ireland - The Law Library

“The entire process from design to delivery was very efficient. The product looks very sharp and greatly serves its purpose. The quality, branding and customer service were excellent"

Cormac O' Culain, Director of Communications and Member Services, The Bar of Ireland

REGIS-TR S.A. Luxembourg

"The team at RME were incredibly helpful and made the entire process so easy and seamless - the aesthetic, feel and quality of the masks are brilliant. It's great to see our colleagues return to the office wearing them"

Laura G, Marketing Specialist


"We ordered a significant numbers of masks as although the vaccination roll out has started we will be them for the foreseeable future. The masks were of a superior quality and our logo prominently displayed. I would highly recommend this service"

Nicola Ryan, Operations Director

Airline Suppliers - RBS Global Media Ltd

"Many thanks, the masks have been well received. They look great, my director asked me to send his thanks too."

- Ashley Wreford, Sales Manager