About Us


Annmarie, Co-Founder

Annmarie studied Fashion Design in the Dublin Institute of Design in 2014. Afterwards, she went on to complete a BA in Digital Marketing in Dublin Business School. Working in the fashion industry combined with the experience from a start-up company the previous year, she was able to set up a website quickly and had the knowledge to market them online. As the demand for face masks surged and a shortage of PPE was looming, She teamed up with Niall to expand the business in to wholesale. Reusable Mask Europe now operates as a limited company with customers all over Europe. Annmarie's experience in design and a keen eye for materials allows us to produce effective, comfortable face masks with a high quality finish.


Niall, Co-Founder & Owner

After completing a BSc Pharmacy and MSc Pharmacy, Niall has worked as a locum pharmacist for the last 4 years. After completing a Professional Diploma in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership in UCD while working, he founded Enviropharm Ltd. Enviropharm aims at eliminating single-use plastics from dispensaries, allowing pharmacies to practice in a more sustainable way. Like many businesses, Covid-19 put the breaks on any product trials with the use of plastic packaging seeing a significant rise across many industries during the crisis. While working throughout the pandemic, he noticed a massive surge in disposable masks being purchased by pharmacies to sell to the general public. It seemed a natural move for him to partner up with a business that aimed to discourage this single-use behaviour.