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Reusable Mask Europe

500 Reusable Grey Face Masks

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Smart Fabric Technology : Advanced Agion® Silver Antimicrobial by Sciessent® leveraging copper and silver antimicrobial technology, Agion® is designed to automatically release its antimicrobial components ONLY when conditions for bacteria growth are present. This capability results in the longest lasting protection against microbes. The most advanced cationic silver antimicrobial technology available.

Triple Layer: Two layers of tightly woven cotton fabric with an outer layer of polyester to provide an effective comfortable & breathable barrier.

The Sustainable Option : We avoid using any thermoplastics such as Polypropelene (PP) as a filter fabric. 

UVA & Water-Resistant


Machine Washable at a temperature of 60°C

How to Use Your Lepu Antigen Test